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Promote your work with Al-Tiba9 Interviews and engage with our diverse readership. Al-Tiba9 Interviews is a promotional platform for artists to articulate their vision and to reach a varied audience of art collectors, art lovers, and fellow artists. You will receive a webpage entirely dedicated to you, with a selection of works, your artist’s statement and biography, as well as a detailed interview, tailored specifically to promote you and your artworks. 10 questions with the artist - The Digital Interview Once selected, you will be interviewed by the founder & curator Mohamed Benhadj to highlight your artistic career and introduce you to the international contemporary art scene across our wide network of museums, galleries, art professionals, art dealers, collectors, and art lovers across the globe. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW CAREFULLY ELIGIBILITY: • Artists are welcome to submit their works. All techniques are welcome. • Artists from all countries are welcome to submit. • Artists interviewed in the past can submit new works. • FREE Submission • All applications need to be in English. • Please complete the form below. NOTES: • A personal interview will be sent via email to the artist, including 10 questions. • Interviews will be published permanently on our platform.

Interview with an Artist OPEN CALL: Projects
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